Multifamily Trends

Over the last several years, multifamily housing has experienced significant growth and evolution, driven by shifting demographics, changing lifestyles, and the need for sustainable urban development. As we are actively renovating this type of real estate asset, it has become critically important to identify and understand the emerging trends that are reshaping multifamily housing. In this blog post, we will explore some of the hottest trends that are influencing the design, amenities, and overall living experiences in multifamily properties.

  1. Embracing Smart Home Technology: A prominent trend in the multifamily sector is the integration of smart home technology. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), residents can now control various aspects of their living spaces, including lighting, temperature, security, and entertainment, through smartphone apps or voice assistants. Smart home features not only promote convenience and energy efficiency, they also appeal to tech-savvy residents who seek a connected and more modern living experience.
  2. Sustainable Design and Eco-Friendly Features: As sustainability continues to be an increasingly important consideration, multifamily developers are incorporating eco-friendly features into their construction projects. From energy-efficient appliances and solar panels to green roofs and rainwater harvesting systems, these initiatives help reduce the environmental impact of buildings while offering operational cost savings to residents. Additionally, developers are prioritizing sustainable products, such as recycled or locally sourced building materials, to create healthier living environments.
  3. Flexible Floor Plans and Co-Living Spaces: Traditional design for apartment living is evolving, with a growing emphasis on flexibility and communal living. Developers are designing multifamily properties with versatile floor plans that are flexible and can adapt to residents’ changing needs. This trend includes the incorporation of multifunctional furniture, movable walls, and shared amenities like co-working spaces, communal kitchens, and social areas. Co-living spaces, where residents have private bedrooms but share common areas, are also gaining popularity among young professionals and those seeking a sense of community.
  4. Wellness-Oriented Amenities: Multifamily properties are increasingly incorporating wellness-oriented amenities to promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment, yoga studios, meditation gardens, and rooftop terraces provide residents with spaces for exercise, relaxation, and socializing. Additionally, some developments include on-site wellness services, such as spa facilities, nutrition counseling, and fitness classes, catering to residents’ holistic well-being.
  5. Enhanced Security Measures: In an era of increasing concern about safety and security, multifamily housing is integrating advanced security systems to provide peace of mind to residents. This includes features such as keyless entry systems, 24/7 surveillance cameras, secure package delivery lockers, and secure parking facilities. Additionally, properties are implementing advanced access control technology, such as biometric authentication or smartphone-based entry systems, to enhance security while ensuring convenience.

The multifamily housing sector continues to evolve as developers adapt to changing demographics, lifestyles, and sustainability goals. The trends discussed in this blog post represent just a few of the key areas that are shaping the future of apartment living. As technology advances and societal preferences become trends, multifamily housing will likely continue to incorporate innovative features and amenities to provide residents with comfortable, connected, and sustainable living spaces.

Mosaic Construction is a national, commercial, multifamily, and residential design/build construction firm that has been providing strategic planning, programming, architecture, engineering, and construction services across the United States for more than 30 years. They work directly with developers, owners, and managers on their design and construction needs, budget and regulatory parameters to ensure a successful project.

Quick Service Restaurant Construction Trends

The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is dynamic and competitive, constantly evolving to meet the demands of consumers. When it comes to QSR construction, several trends have emerged in recent years that focus on optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and embracing sustainable practices.

  • Drive-Thru and Pickup/Delivery Optimization: With the increasing demand for convenience, QSRs are focusing on optimizing the drive-thru and pickup/delivery experiences. This includes designing efficient drive-thru lanes with dedicated order points, separate pickup windows, and advanced technology for order management and payment processing. Additionally, some QSRs are exploring innovative concepts such as drive-thru lanes dedicated to digital orders or automated pickup lockers for online orders.
  • Smart Technology Integration: QSRs are embracing smart technology to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. This includes integrating digital signage for menus and promotions, self-ordering kiosks, mobile ordering and payment options, and kitchen automation systems. These technologies not only improve efficiency but also cater to the tech-savvy customers.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: QSRs are increasingly designing their spaces to be flexible and adaptable, incorporating modular furniture, movable partitions, and flexible seating arrangements that can be reconfigured based on demand. This flexibility allows QSRs to accommodate different customer preferences, adapt to evolving operational needs, and create versatile dining spaces.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Spaces: Creating inviting outdoor spaces has become an important trend in QSR construction. By integrating outdoor seating areas, patio spaces, or drive-thru canopies, QSRs can offer customers additional options for dining and create a welcoming ambiance. Well-designed outdoor spaces also align with the growing trend of al fresco dining and provide opportunities for socializing.
  • Branding and Aesthetic Appeal: QSRs are recognizing the significance of strong branding and visually appealing aesthetics in attracting customers. Construction trends focus on creating visually striking exteriors, vibrant signage, and unique architectural elements that reflect the brand identity. Interior design elements such as innovative lighting, comfortable seating, and engaging decor are also utilized to create a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

Conclusion: QSR construction trends are driven by the need for operational efficiency, customer convenience, sustainability, and visual appeal. By embracing modular construction, optimizing drive-thru and pickup experiences, integrating smart technology, and incorporating sustainable practices, QSRs can create spaces that cater to the evolving needs and preferences of customers while maximizing operational efficiencies. These trends not only enhance the overall dining experience but also contribute to the long-term success of QSR businesses in a highly competitive industry.

Mosaic Construction is a national, commercial, multifamily, and residential design/build construction firm that has been providing strategic planning, programming, architecture, engineering, and construction services across the United States for more than 30 years. They work directly with developers, owners, and managers on their design and construction needs, budget and regulatory parameters to ensure a successful project.

It All Comes Together

At Mosaic, our overarching goal is to make our clients’ visions a reality by creating custom-built living and working environments they will love. We want the journey to fuel their ambitions, with a seamless, integrated approach they can trust will deliver on all counts.

From design, to construction, and final completion, we combine many facets into every project to create one efficient working machine that ensures a project is completed flawlessly. It’s all part of our model: to bring rich talent and diverse experience in every facet of design/build construction, integrated under one process-driven enterprise. When we begin our projects, it is imperative that our whole Team is introduced and every person’s role is explained and examined so you know when someone is reaching out, they are doing so with an invested goal of success for the client and their project.

“All the Mosaic Actions are critical components of our success,” says one Mosaic leader.

Does our culture of commitment sound like a good fit for you? If you’d like to be our next Team member, drop us a line at

Close the Loop

The best leaders are those who follow through. At Mosaic, we live by an unwavering commitment to finish what we start, and always close the loop on action items. Our Team is intentionally comprised of people with multiple talents and backgrounds. One thing we all have in common is our focus on client satisfaction when clicking that “complete” box or crossing off an item on our to-do list. And, we bring that drive to our clients. We follow up. We don’t miss details. We go the extra mile to ensure no open items exist, and no tasks are left undone.

“Closing the loop is one of the most impactful Mosaic Actions,” says one Mosaic leader. “We take responsibility to make sure that all tasks are completed and agreements are met.”

We’re always looking for action-oriented professionals to join our growing Team. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us at

Contributing to a Positive Environment

At Mosaic, we know we’re better, together. When rowing in the same direction, projects run more smoothly, challenges are more easily overcome, and expectations more clearly set and surpassed.  A positive attitude isn’t optional on this Team, it’s in our DNA.

By cultivating a positive environment, where everyone feels welcome and supported, we achieve a happier, more engaged workforce—who in turn pay it forward to enhance the overall experience for our clients as well.

More than a lofty ideal, creating positivity is a daily practice at Mosaic. From bringing enthusiasm to a challenging task, to showing interest in the lives of our Team, clients and trade partners, we continually focus on setting up a positive environment which increases collaboration and partnerships to achieve our goals. We award a ‘Trade of the Month’ each month that recognizes and rewards a trade partner for going above and beyond on one of our projects, and bond with the companies that are responsible for the successful completion of the project. By creating positive experiences for our trade and vendor partners, our clients reap the benefits.

“Another way we ensure success is with our positive outlook,” says one Mosaic construction professional. “We’ve been there before and approach difficult situations with calm leadership; our clients sense this and are then at ease too. We address challenges with firm conviction and endless resolve to mitigate any issues that may arise, all while maintaining a productive project experience.”

Would you like to share your enthusiasm and skills in our positive work environment? Email us at to explore the possibility.

Do It the Right Way

The Mosaic Team is unwavering in our commitment to excellence, bar none. We do things “the right way” using our experience to drive consistency, quality and efficiency in every facet of our work. It means being prepared and adhering to proven processes to eliminate mistakes and stick to timelines; it means always working with integrity as we deliver on client needs.

We hire for this fierce work ethic, which helps us win client praise and loyalty. We do right by our clients’ projects time and time again, using a well thought out plan, effective expectation-setting, and clear and consistent communications throughout our relationship.

“Our commitment to doing things the right way sets us apart in the field for a few reasons,” says one Mosaic Team member. “We focus on getting it right the first time, which saves our clients both money and time, and being consistent in this approach builds integrity and trust.”

Does our integrity-oriented work ethic sound like a good fit for yours? Connect with us at to discuss the potential.

Communicate the Story

Telling a great design-build brand story comes easy—when you have a rich history, strong culture, and extensive client recommendations.

We know that compelling narratives are important to align project leaders and ensure we always bring the collective best work from our Team. Across all project types, our Team of highly skilled, design-build professionals know why they’re here and how they fit in. And they’re proud to do both, thanks in part to our compelling brand story.

We also know that differentiating ourselves in the industry adds credibility and inspires client confidence in our work. Communicating the story gives them a transparent view into who we are as Team members, and allows us to develop relationships—not just initiate transactions. We believe that transparency throughout the design and construction process is paramount to a successful outcome. By communicating openly, honestly and on a timely basis, we problem solve together and build trust with our clients and trade partners. We set realistic expectations regarding the project schedule, upcoming changes to the project impacting both cost and timing, and check in with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are satisfied with the progress.

We have a rich history of being a referral-based company and our story gives clients a front-row view into how our past experiences helped us get where we are today. We intentionally deliver a better experience than our clients expect, and complete each project as if it was our own office, business, facility or home.

That brand promise is central to the story we share amongst ourselves, our clients and trade partners. It is not a pitch; it’s a way of letting our clients know we understand their needs and will help them articulate what they want to accomplish.

“Many of our clients are repeat customers,” says one Mosaic professional. “No matter how difficult the path, our clients know we do what we say and always make it right, and by working with us, they add to the chapters of a great book we’re helping to write, together.”

Interested in contributing your voice to our industry-celebrated story? Get in touch at

Anticipate Needs

Being proactive and anticipating client needs keeps all parts moving like a well-oiled machine. Our attention to detail not only keeps budgets and schedules in check—it keeps client accolades rolling in, and Team pride rising.

As leaders in our field, it’s in our DNA to anticipate client needs and bring ambitious visions to life. By foreseeing potential obstacles, we limit surprises and ensure expectations are both met and exceeded.

This focus on anticipating needs means we are always thinking ahead, ready to equip clients with solutions for situations that haven’t even occurred, and questions that have not yet been asked. It also means we listen carefully to their vision and concerns throughout the process, ensuring continual understanding and ability to shape exceptional outcomes.

Delivering a successful project requires our project management and trade teams to leverage their past experience to keep a project moving forward and on track. By asking questions and thinking outside the box, we are able to anticipate situations that may have a cost impact, design change or schedule delay. For example, since our cannabis clients only have a certain amount of space to use to grow their product, we developed a tiered racking system for vertical grow opportunities that allows clients to double, triple and even quadruple their product output. By anticipating needs, we help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

“Anticipating needs is critical for proper planning and allows for ample notice to trades and clients alike,” says one Mosaic Team member. “By doing this, we bring a heartening mix of confidence and attention to detail that satisfies trade partners, and inspires client trust.”

Are you interested in sharing your talents and knack for proactive solution-finding with our Team? Email us at to discuss mutual opportunity.

Building Relationships is in our DNA

We don’t just build spaces – we build relationships. As one of our core values, and a stated Mosaic Action that our Team members consciously model on a daily basis, building relationships guides us in creating the expert and focused company we are today.

We build relationships and trust to create a shared vision with our clients, our trade partners and a strong culture and work environment for our office Team.

Our clients know that when they hire Mosaic, we take extreme ownership of all project details. They work with us again and again, and make referrals because of the quality of work we provide, the respect we show, and the trust they experience. Our clients know they can rely on us 100% and can count on us as a resource and consultant long after project completion.

Taking the time to foster relationships also empowers us to address the challenges inherent within our industry. After all, having a strong bond helps us proceed through tough situations together—and come out stronger on the other side. For example, there have been challenges obtaining many different materials for our projects due to the global pandemic and supply chain disruption. The strength of our relationships helps us source other product options to keep the projects moving forward.

“When you trust who you are working with, you can rely on each other to get the job done,” says one Mosaic Team member. “It leads to a smoother overall process when all stakeholders are being upfront and honest, and putting in their best effort.”

As we have expanded rapidly over the past few years, we’ve become even more conscious of building relationships within our Team. We enjoy getting together for our bi-monthly board meetings, sharing experiences and ideas, brainstorming, reflecting, and connecting as a Team. We also start many days with a morning email titled, “The Morning Boost,” a carefully curated, thoughtful quote to get us going each day.

If you would like to become our next Team member sharing your knowledge and celebrating with us, email us at  We look forward to connecting with you!

Living our values: (Mosaic) Actions speak louder than words

From vision to reality, the transformation of a space is unique to every location, and every design-build client. To guide our clients through this transition, we rally around our shared Mosaic Actions.

We believe that everyone should enjoy the spaces where they work and live and strive to create living and working environments that align with our clients’ wants and needs. Through our consultative approach, we focus on learning about their plans for the space with the goal of making their vision into a reality.

“The Mosaic Actions are part of our culture and our DNA,” said Ira Singer, Co-Founder of Mosaic Construction. “The Mosaic Actions stand as a flagpole for our Team to rally around. When our Team is focused on the Mosaic Actions, our workflow has a more successful outcome and our client relations and trade partnerships are positively impacted.”

As a rapidly expanding national, award-winning, construction and renovation firm specializing in commercial, multifamily, residential and cannabis design-build, we care deeply about our Team members and making our company a great place to work. We’re a tight-knit entrepreneurial Team that not only delivers uncompromising customer service, but encourages collaboration, mentoring, professional development and a sense of community every single day.

Our Values and Mosaic Actions

From our people to our projects, we are dedicated to providing a positive environment and exceptional experience for our Team of driven, relationship-focused professionals looking to make a positive impact in the exciting world of construction. We also understand the importance of giving back to our community, supporting one another and delivering excellent work to our clients, it’s in our Mosaic DNA.

How do we make this a reality? We continually model, educate and mentor our ‘Mosaic Actions’ which include:

  • Anticipate Needs
  • Communicate the Story
  • Do It the Right Way
  • Contribute to a Positive Environment
  • Close the Loop
  • Build Relationships

These actions are how we live our shared values and ethics. They guide how we conduct business and help to create an elevated experience for our clients and our Teams. It’s how ‘It All Comes Together.’

If it sounds like these are actions that align with your values and ethics, you may be a good fit for our Team. We’re always looking for talented individuals to join us and contribute to our positive work environment. If you’d like to be our next Team member and share your knowledge with us, email us at We look forward to connecting with you!